Jack Grace, a multi-instrumentalist / singer songwriter and producer…

from the South Coast of England. Described as ‘Genre-ly challenged’, Jack’s works have been broadcast on BBC radio, BBC TV, and other major British TV broadcasting networks as well as international radio.

"Amalgamating ambient qualities with soulful tones, Jack’s music creates a melodic journey into a unique realm of sounds and textures.”

“Music is completely open to interpretation, therefore is different for everyone. And that’s still the most exciting part for me!”

“My goal is to help empower people through music. It’s a medium in which people can express themselves without words, restrictions or limitations.”

Working also as a music practitioner, Jack works with his local council and Soundstorm to provide alternative music education, workshops and mentoring to young people with a variety of needs.

For nearly a decade Jack has been working with children and young adults with complex needs. Collaborating with Social Services, Youth Services, Local Councils, Private Sectors and charities.